Simple, elegant, eco-friendly. 


Bluce is my eco-minded design company specializing in upcycled guitar string jewelry. The strings are sourced from family, friends and local repair shops and given a new life. Each guitar string piece is cut to length, hand cleaned and carefully assembled. 


The geometric designs are inspired by my educational background in architecture, my childhood as a dancer, and by my parents who are life long musicians. I combine the guitar strings with sterling silver, semi-precious gemstones and mixed metal accents, creating jewelry that obscures the recycled material and looks just as good as something that is brand new.
"Their journey began by bringing joy in the form of sound and is allowed to continue,

by bringing joy in the form of art."


Brianna Luce grew up in Northern California in the small, foothill town of Paradise. She has been actively designing jewelry since 2005 and has been working with used instrument strings since 2011. In 2014 She graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in architecture that honed her eye for geometry and proportion while expanding her understanding of the importance of connections and detail in all constructed design, large and small. She was raised by two active musicians. Her father operates a brass and woodwind repair business and her mother has been keeping them both involved in multiple hobby bands at a time.

"I grew up in a musically-rich and artistic environment. Instruments hung on the walls and were picked up daily, we painted old newspaper rolls to make wrapping paper, tie-dyed in the garage and poured cement stepping stones into molds we made in the sand box. My sister and I gravitated towards ballet and various visual arts over band. I might have broken my dads heart a little when I quit the clarinet after just one year of practice. I began experimenting with jewelry design and the idea of repurposing other art techniques and materials. I made stain glass pendants, soldered stones and shell pieces I found at the river and eventually made my mom a pair of earrings out of her old mandolin strings. Since then I've fallen in love with the unique story and amazing detail that the instrument strings give to each and every piece."


Brianna Luce