Guitar String Jewelry


2019 / 2020

I designed the Above Collection last year and knew it was a body of work where I had pushed myself to a new level... "above" my past work. Sometimes we (I!) create a mental box, and while it can be helpful to have parameters to work within, we eventually have to break out of that box. These pieces were that for me. They are visually strong, intricate and the most time consuming designs I have made to date. Some of their constructions are frustrating, and the guitar string manipulations difficult, but the results are totally worth it. I love the detail in these pieces and I love the labor it takes to get them there. Bigger, better, ABOVE. Up, up and away, you know?!?

Photography by Taran Nadler


Models: Lacey @afrocannaqueen and Madeline @madleighman 

Location: Portland, OR. Underneath 5 and 84

BLUCE Above Lookbook_Color_Full Crop-12.
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