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Mobiel gemstone Diagram

Project Scope:

The 3' x 3' x 6' mobile creates tension and shape with repurposed piano and guitar strings. Semi-precious gemstones and Swarovski crystals are ordered by weight and opacity with the heaviest/darkest at the top and lightest/clearest at the bottom. This follows the structural needs for heavier counterweights at the top, visually communicates the weight distribution through color, and maximizes the possibility for the sun to hit the crystals and create rainbows since it hangs in the center of a room. The piece cascades with free-flowing armatures that are meant to be turned by hand. All reclaimed materials are locally sourced, sorted, and hand-cleaned.  

Intended Impact:

Curiosity evoking, awe-inspiring education. 


The impact of this piece is four-fold. One, it is made with reclaimed materials diverted from the waste stream, inspiring conversations around sustainability. Two, it is made with instrument strings, encouraging questions around what musical strings are made of, how they create sound, and why they become trash. Three, mobiles are a display of gravity and movement, prompting conversations around physics, energy, and inertia. Four, it is detailed with gemstones and glass crystals, creating the opportunity to learn about gems and minerals, metaphysical stone properties, and how light is absorbed by some materials while reflecting off or shooting through others.


Curiosity is central to my ethos as a designer. My aim is to inspire questions and to physically engage the viewer. This piece invites you to inspect the details, wonder what it’s made of, interact with it through a gentle push, and enjoy it as the armatures trigger on another.

Funded through RACC:

Placed at: Little Oak Montessori School

Design/Built by: Brianna Luce, Bluce Designs

Video by: Darby McAdams

Music by: Michale Sherry, BXCR

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